Andrew Brunger
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Large digital disruption storms lurk on the horizon.

Companies that adopt bold offensive strategies to face these changes will emerge as winners.

Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
What I Do  
Your organization is one of a kind.   I have 20+ years of experience working with global leadership teams on digital product, user experience, brand and business strategy to make sure your bottom line increases.
360 °
I focus on 360° digital solutions. Product (web, mobile, wearable, physical and in-store tech), SEM/SEO, email, content, social, display, CRM, e-Commerce and data.   The aim is to deliver 360° omnichannel experiences that touch peoples’ lives.
I lead designers, UX/UI specialists, researchers, and front-end developers in collaborative, lean, human-centered design efforts that create one-of-a-kind digital products that will delight your customers.
I help enterprises activate digital transformation across their business (organization, customer experience, marketing/commerce platforms, digital capabilities, cognitive computing and big data).
Innovation starts with the observation of people, and ends with solutions that are tailor made to to suit their needs.   This is human-centered design.

Stage 1:   Observation.   When you understand the people you're trying to reach, and then design from their perspective, not only will you arrive at unexpected answers, but you'll come up with ideas that those people will embrace.   This first stage is all about observing the end-user, learning, and being open to creative possibilities.

Andrew Brunger

Stage 2:   Ideation.   Brainstorm ideas, approaches, and solutions with your team based on what you have learned from your observations and your experiences with people.
Stage 3:   Rapid Prototyping.   Quickly build a simple prototype.   We don't need a sophisticated prototype to learn.  From a low-fidelity 'paper' prototype, to a medium-high fidelity 'interactive wireframe', the focus should be on getting the proposed solution into the hands of the end-user quickly.   Sometimes a notebook of screens, hastily drafted and put in front of consumers to demonstrate a solution- can work brilliantly!

Stage 4:   User Feedback.   This is the most critical phase of the human-centered design process.   Without input from your end-user you won't know if your solution is on target or not, and you won't know how to evolve your design.

Stage 5:   Iteration.   Once you get feedback from your users, use that information to fuel the changes to your design.   Keep iterating, testing, and integrating user feedback until you've fine tuned your solution.   This may take a few rounds, but with each iteration you will learn something new.

Stage 6:   Implementation.   Now that you've validated the usefulness of your solution with the end-user and have your design just right, it's time to get your idea out into the world.
Product Management & Design Executive
Product Strategy & Roadmap   |   Digital Product Design   |   Digital Strategy  |

Accomplished creative executive with 15+ years in digital product leadership and design, bringing strategic vision, insights and management expertise to multi-disciplinary product teams.   Apply human-centered design and agile principles to solve companies' most pressing business and user experience challenges.

Highly skilled in all aspects of managing and designing web, responsive, and mobile products from concept to launch.   Passionate about building positive, collaborative product cultures that allow organizations to solve critical problems and deliver innovative, elegant, highly-usable solutions.

  Product Strategy
  CX Strategy
  e-Commerce Strategy
  Digital Strategy
  Digital Product Design
  User-Centered Design
  User Experience (UX)
  Agile Development
  Paid Media
  Earned Media
  Owned Media
My career has taken me around the world,
giving me substantial insight into most global consumer groups.








I create intelligent mobile builds for adventurous brands.
Andrew BrungerAndrew BrungerAndrew BrungerAndrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger

Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Andrew Brunger
Whether your need is around web sites, web apps, native apps, digital kiosks, or even wearable tech -   I create visions that give companies a competitive edge.

You can can expect transformation, disruption, and delight.
"He is brave, fearless and smart -- pushing creative ideas, innovation and strategies to the limit of what the agency, and his own employer will bear -- to great result.   Having worked closely with him over the past couple of years, I can only say that I wish all large corporations had someone with 1/10 of his bravery, vision and implementation knowledge."

Kaye Puhlmann,
VP Creative at CM
"Andrew is one of the most artistic and inspirational leaders I have ever encountered.   His work brings a brand to life in new and exciting ways, especially for the Customers he serves.   Andrew and his team are amazing to watch."

Frank Eliason,
EVP, US Digital and Customer Experience at Zeno Group
"Andrew is the rare talent who combines the best of all worlds:   Supremely elegant creative design, highly-functional customer usability, and sophisticated integration of business requirements and realities."

Chris Riback,
Founder, Conversations with Thinkers
"Andrew knows his stuff.   He is smart, unflappable and has excellent instincts.   I have known him for over a decade and his tenacity is inspiring.   If you are looking for a natural leader to dig in and make things happen, Andrew is that man."

Courtney Maier,
"Andrew blends art and business until you can no longer conceive of the business without the art.   My appreciation for his professional courage grew as he applied his strongly principled approach across our organization, investing himself entirely in the drive for a cohesive representation of the customer experience."

Andres Wolberg-Stok,
Global Head, Emerging Platforms and Services at Citi
"Andrew is an extraordinary leader in the digital experience space.   He has a rare combination of tremendous creative talent, taste, strategic vision and business acumen.   At the center of all he does is a focus on the customer and creating an exceptional experience that will drive business success."

Leslie Klein,
Global Head of Marketing & Customer Experience for Commerce Enablement at Verifone
"Andrew brings an insightful, intelligent and refreshing viewpoint to projects, constantly challenging those around him to bring out the best in them.   I have worked on an intensive creative project with Andrew over the last number of months and can heartily endorse him as a partner in the creative and development process."

Andrew Dent,
Vice President at Material ConneXion
"A strategic thought leader and always having the brand's best interest in mind, Andrew excels at pushing not only for the best creative, but for an on point strategic campaign that really drives results.   Not only that, he makes the work fun.   He has the ability to inspire a team to create a results driven campaign while enjoying it at the same time."

Kiran Dhillon,
Director Product Marketing at Opera Software
"Need to challenge the Status Quo?   Andrew is the answer.   He has extraordinary creative vision, sharp strategic foresight and a fearless ability to champ innovation.   He's a great team leader and motivator and his deep knowledge of branding, business and marketing just make the man even more appealing."

Alessandro Drago,
Creative Director at CM

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